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Drills and holesaws

Catalogue Drill / tap / mixer / punching machines


Electrotool, iimporter of brands like:

Erlo, Nitto, Wisent, DonauKWtoolsKaercher, Poliangolar, Duss, Blu-mol, Miyanaga, TNK, etc.


An extensive program of:

- Erlo table and column drilling machines

- Wisent table and column drilling machines

- Erlo Wisent column drilling tapping machines

- Donau rapid radial drilling machines

- Nitto magnet drills

- Nitto punch brackets with punches and dies

- MPS and unloading conveyors

- MPS drill saw streets and machining

Catalog Holesaws Wisent, Blu-mole, TNK, Miyanaga, KWtools


Product Brochure Robo 30 Tube Drill Milling Machine

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Product Brochure HM Holesaws LS