Electrotool B.V. van Utrechtweg 18, 2921 LN Krimpen aan den IJssel, Tel: +31(0)180 519255, Fax: +31(0)180 511572, E-mail: info@electrotool.nl


The strength of the company ElectroTool is the flexibility. If your desired machine or system is not available, this can be custom fabricated by the mechanical engineering department. Your wishes are transformed into concrete products when it comes to:

Custom building and machine adjustments.

- MPS feed roller conveyors, roller conveyors discharge
- MPS measurement system, assessment system manually
- MPS measurement system, automatic stop system
- MPS positioning systems, automatic
- MPS and unloading transportation machinery
- MPS loading and losmagazijnen front and rear equipment
- MPS chip removal and extraction systems for machinery
- MPS cooling and lubrication systems, lubricators or microdoseersysteem
- Controls to customer request

There are numerous installations realized in metal, pipe and aluminum processing, some examples:

- Metal circular saws, circular metal installations
- Aluminum circular saws, circular aluminum plants
- Metal band saw machines, band saws,
- Miter band saw installations
- Metal saws, metal cutting equipment
- Drills, drill rigs
- Drilling sawing streets
- Carousel drilling rigs
- Milling machines or installations
- Punches, punch lines or installations
- Punch-cutting machines, afkortinstallaties
- Bending-cutting machines, afkortinstallaties
- Swiveling welding tables
- X-Y tables in conjunction with machinery
- Etc., etc.

In short, for good advice and the best solutions you are at Electro Tool!

Electrotool has offered a very comprehensive service department. For the commissioning of machines, after sales service, maintenance and any warranty you can always fall back on Electrotool.

That is well organized!